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Larry O’Bryan of Louisville Appointed to Kentucky State Lottery Board of Directors

Lawrence J. O’Bryan is a name well-known throughout Kentucky. Larry O’Bryan of Louisville is the founder of Pro-Active Media, one of the state’s most respected political media consulting firms, as well as CEO of TPC-KY, Inc., a leading label manufacturer with clients including Stanley Black & Decker, Bradford White, and GE Appliances. He has earned recognition throughout the years both for his political and business prestige as well as his philanthropy and community involvement. He was even on the board of directors for the Kentucky Lottery.

The governor appointed Larry O’Bryan of Louisville to the Board of Directors of the Kentucky Lottery Corporation in 2009. He served on the board for two years.

Larry O'Bryan Louisville 7The Kentucky Lottery, which was created in April 1989, is a government-regulated form of gambling with proceeds benefiting state causes. Per the website, about 64 percent of the money spent on lottery tickets goes back to the community in the form of payouts for winners. Twenty-five percent goes to the Commonwealth of Kentucky to fund college scholarships and grants. Six percent goes to the retailers who offer lottery games, and five percent goes to administration.

Like all state lotteries, the Kentucky Lottery benefits the state economy. As illustrated above, about 95% of the money goes back into the community. Since its inception, the lottery has raised more than $5.4 billion, with more than $3.6 billion going towards educational grants and scholarships.

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Larry O’Bryan of Louisville graduated from Western Kentucky University with a double-major bachelor’s degree in government and journalism. After graduation, he worked for the 1980 Kentucky General Assembly during Gov. John Y. Brown’s administration and for the Kentucky Democratic Party in 1982. In 1995, he combined his passion and expertise for business and politics and founded Pro-Active Media.

Among his many successes, one of the highlights of Larry O’Bryan of Louisville’s career and Pro-Active Media’s history was leading the successful Democratic effort to defeat four-term Republican incumbent state senator Elizabeth Tori representing Hardin and Jefferson counties. His cutting-edge campaign strategy, a blend of broadcast TV, cable, direct mail, and phone communications, was praised by peers as the driving force behind the Democrats’ win. Larry O’Bryan’s forward-thinking also prompted him to produce and air the first hi-definition political TV ads in Kentucky.

Throughout the years, Larry O’Bryan and Pro-Active Media have secured numerous additional wins throughout Jefferson County and beyond. Pro-Active Media remains at the forefront of campaign media technology.

Learn more about Pro-Active Media by visiting, or watch a selection of their campaign videos on the Pro-Active Media YouTube channel

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