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Larry O’Bryan and TPC-KY Inc. Roll Out Custom QR Code Genealogy Tracking for Client GE Appliances

TPC-KY Inc. isn’t only one of the nation’s most prominent label manufacturers and suppliers; it is an industry leader consistently improving and innovating. Recently, CEO Lawrence J. O’Bryan announced the company’s latest venture: custom computer software to provide GE Appliances with QR code genealogy tracking for all U.S.-manufactured products. GE is one of TPC-KY Inc.’s biggest clients, […]

Larry O’Bryan Of TPC-KY, Inc. Invest In New Technology To Improve Workplace Productivity

Larry O’Bryan is the CEO and owner of TPC-KY Inc., in Louisville. Larry O’Bryan grew up in Louisville, KY watching his parents transform old homes into livable apartments and their work ethic has had a lasting impact on his life. Together, O’Bryan’s parents increased the property values in once marginal neighborhoods and through their efforts, Larry saw how […]

TPC-KY’s CEO Larry O’Bryan is the Deserving Recipient of the Silent Warrior Award from GE Appliances

Lawrence J. O’Bryan was born in 1959 and raised on a farm in Kentucky by his parents. Both mother and father did not receive a significant amount of education in their youth. They are mainly self-taught individuals. Nonetheless, they made a commitment to make Larry’s life different from their own. To his parents, education for Lawrence J. O’Bryan […]

Larry O’Bryan of TPC-KY, Inc. Continues to Invest in New Technologies, Acquires Custom Software to Provide GE Appliances with QR Code Genealogy Tracking

TPC-KY CEO Larry O’Bryan recently committed to new technologies by investing in custom computer software to provide one of his biggest clients, GE Appliances, with QR code genealogy tracking for all U.S. manufactured appliances. TPC-KY, Inc., a major label manufacturer, and supplier, invests in select new technologies that show promise for improving its efficiencies and the growing company’s […]

TPC-KY, Inc. and CEO Larry O’Bryan Earn Silent Warrior Award from GE Appliances, Recognizing “Outstanding Support”

 Louisville business owner Larry O’Bryan, CEO of TPC-KY, Inc. was honored recently at the annual GE Appliances President’s Council Summit with a “Silent Warrior” award, recognizing outstanding national “suppliers who are best in their field and seamlessly execute on a daily basis.” It was an added honor, said Larry O’Bryan, that he was able to accept the […]